This Is Our Love Story


Love of Life, Love of Family, Love of Serving, Love of Friendships, Love of Customers, Love of Community, Love of Commitment, and Love of Jesus Christ.

We are Levi and Shontel Sperl, owners of A Pro Appliance LLC.  We have a love story that encompasses all that we are passionate about.  We are passionate about family, friends, customers, our business, serving in the community, and are committed to making a positive difference with all that we do.  We follow the example of Jesus Christ in loving and accepting all.  Colossians 3:17  NKJ:  "And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him."

Customer Testimonials

You'll See A Scripture or Two On Our Walls And Store Windows.

  We just believe that every person is a creation of our Almighty God and try to look at everyone through His eyes.  The greatest commandment is to love the Lord with all your heart and the second is to love others.  Everyone has a story, most people are going through a current trial or struggle of some sort, we can use our business to help by giving them prayer or the best deal we can offer to lighten their financial burden.


We Truly Care About Our Customers And Want To Always Provide The Best Quality Customer Service Every Time.

 We are just a regular, Jesus-loving family, trying to make it while, also, offering trust-worthy and fair-priced services to others.  Levi has a real gift of compassion toward others and a way of making people feel comfortable.  Besides Jesus, he's really the heartbeat of the business.  People just fall in love with him and continue to use our services because they just love to see and talk to him! 

Why We Do What We Do

We think it's important that you know more about us, so you can see for yourself that serving people is our first priority. We Care!

 Written by Shontel Sperl.

"Levi and I were set up on a blind date 12 years ago.  It was love at first sight, and we were engaged in 6 weeks and married within 9 months. We have been married for 11 yrs.  He had 2 children already from 2 different relationships.  I had no children.  

We weren't able to get pregnant after 5 years, and I had always had an inclination toward adoption anyway, so we got foster care certified.  I found out I was pregnant within a day or two of getting our certification!  We decided to become foster parents anyway.  We got our first foster child when our daughter was 2 months old.  Followed by nephew and now son.  We also had 2 other nephews and a few other children stay on respit while their foster families went on vacation or something.  All the children we had as regular foster's went on to being placed in a healthy adoptive or guardianship situation, which has been a huge blessing to be a part of!  

We ended up adopting one of my nephews.  So, I always look at us like a patch work quilt.  Every one of our children have a different biological mother, but together, we are a family!  We still have a heart for fostering, but had to take a break to meet the needs of our adopted son.  We hope to be able to foster again in the future. 


 Levi and I have both been blessed to work for several small business owners before we started a business.  He was able to become an HVAC journeyman under one of these locally owned businesses.  He first had the idea of installing appliances as a sub-contractor for box stores when we were sitting in our very small living room, shortly after we were married.  We were brainstorming about ways we could make more money without him having to work out in oil fields.  (He had recently quit the oil fields because it was too much time away from home, but wasn't quite making enough where he was at.)  Levi suddenly thought of the install thing.  I thought it was a good idea, but we both knew that we would need to research it further.  It kind of got put on the back burner until a few years later. He had gone back to the oil fields and was looking for a way out.  

This time, we followed through and Levi became an HVAC Contractor.  Under this license, he was able to perform appliance installs in the state of Idaho.  He was able to pick up the contract with Sears.  Home Depot and Lowes already had installers and were reluctant to bring anyone else on.  We both worked full time jobs, so I would do billing and scheduling when I got home or on my days off.  Levi would install part time, around his other job.  Eventually, he was able to quit his job and do installs full time for Sears and pick up a few private jobs along the way.  He went around to every appliance in store in town and spoke with everyone he could to try and pick up more install jobs.  One store in Blackfoot eventually called him for a few installs here and there and when they decided to invest in a Mr. Appliance franchise, they asked Levi if he would come on as their lead technician.  

After much prayer and consideration, we decided to quit the business for now so that Levi could get the experience he needed as an appliance repairman.  Mr. Appliance sent him to repair school in Cleveland for 3 weeks and then he started work for them.  He worked for them for about 3 years. By this time I was pregnant and we still hadn't been able to get insurance through Mr. Appliance, so once again, Levi started looking for another option.  He was hired on at Prometheus Energy out of Texas.  This meant working out of town for long periods of time.  Sometimes, he worked on oil rigs in the oil fields, sometimes, for food manufacturing plants, or any other place that ran on natural gas.  

Levi traveled all over the US and was gone up to 5 weeks at a time, coming home for sometimes only 3 days in between. Our marriage started to crumble as he was gone so much, I had a new baby to take care of, and several foster children at once.  It felt like I was a single mother and it became too much for me to deal with all the drama that comes along with fostering, especially when most of the children were related, which meant dealing with pressure from family too.  The only thing we knew for sure was that our foundation was in Jesus Christ.  We didn't agree on almost anything else, but that.  We both began to pray for our families, children, each other, and our marriage.  We didn't know what to do because we knew that he couldn't make the kind of money we needed if he quit that job, but we also knew that our marriage wasn't going to last if he kept that job.  

Levi was able to find the scripture we have hanging in our shop:

   And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.  Matthew 21:22

Levi kept praying about it and knew that God would help him start the business again and be successful enough to come home.  He started making calls the next day and God just opened all the doors.  He was able to pick up contracts with Lowes, Home Depot, and Sears in Idaho Falls and Pocatello.  He started getting work immediately and we had to have friends and family help out while Levi was still working out of town.  

They would do the jobs for us while he was out of town.  Within 3 months after starting the business again in 2015, Levi was able to quit his job do installing full time. I have been able to stay at home since I had our daughter in 2013, only working here and there as old employers would call me in to cover vacations or sick days for people.  (My background is in dental).  I quit the dental office I was working out part time when Levi came home and we have both been running the business since.  We worked out of our home the first 2 years, we started selling in our first store front downtown in April of 2017, and moved to our current location and began selling scratch and dent in April of 2018.

God's provision has been amazing!  While running a business is quite taxing, it definitely beats Levi traveling and missing out on so much!  God has restored our marriage and our family.  We are so blessed to be surrounded by a supportive community and the many, many friends and family who have helped along the way!  So many small businesses we worked for gave us both the skills and training that we use every day in this business, what they gave us is invaluable. And I don't know how many people would wait 1-2 weeks to get their appliance repaired while Levi was still working another job.  They were so patient, just to support us.  That really means a lot!  

We are just a regular, Jesus-loving family, trying to make it while, also, offering trust-worthy and fair-priced services to others.  Levi has a real gift of compassion toward others and a way of making people feel comfortable.  Besides Jesus, he's really the heartbeat of the business.  People just fall in love with him and continue to use our services because they just love to see and talk to him!